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    Laser off of plate


    I just upgraded to Job Control 11 and for some reason the laser when placed at 0.0 in the machine bed shows at -0.38 on the X axis. I have restarted JC a bunch of times turned on and off the laser and reconnected to the pc bunch of times as well. How do I get JC to recognize the correct placement of the laser?

    Thank centered laser.PNGimage1 (6).jpg

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    Once you are certain that you have the laser at zero zero the software can be set to reflect that. Ask tech support to walk you through that the first time. .38" is a lot so there may be more to adjust than the software.
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    Sounds like you have to undo the default settings stored in the new Job Control

    My 2 Gravograph's and the GCC all zero out basically the same way, which is:

    I draw a small box from the 0-0 top left corner, then I move it down and right, usually .5" (easy to caliper), then park a thin piece of trophy metal in the corner and lightly engrave the box, then measure where the top and left sides are--

    I just did this the other day with the GCC, top measured .501- close enough for govt work- but left edge measured .558"...

    Then I start the machine in 'alignment mode' (don't know how to do that with a Trotec ); when it zeros out, X and Y coordinates will show up. They're never 0-0 by the way-- Anyway, my X coordinate was something like .072"--- since I'm engraving too far right I DEDUCT .058 from .072, which is .014-- so I slew the X axis until the display says .014", then reboot the machine... next test box measured .499x .501y... done!

    I'm assuming you'll do the same with the Trotec, the question is how to get to alignment mode-- On my Gravo's I hold down the X button on the machine while booting it up (holding down the Z button puts me into firmware upgrade mode)... On the GCC I hold the 'enter' button... Holding the start button or the autofocus button goes into into other modes...

    Someone here should know the procedure
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