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Thread: Paper Woodworking Plans

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    Paper Woodworking Plans

    I recently began a search for paper woodworking plans. I thought I would have an abundance of options to choose from. It turns out the supply is limited.I have been to Taunton Press, Woodcraft, Rockler, and numerous other resources. Most plans available today are downloadable. I'm looking for a resource for Greene and Greene style furniture, paper woodworking plans.

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    I bought paper plans for an A&C side chair from Taunton Press a few months back. Pretty nice - includes full-scale outlines of some of the parts for easy template making. Don't know if they have any Greene & Greene plans.

    Might also try these guys: . Given the size of the sheets, they wouldn't have full-scale drawings for any but small parts - but maybe that's not critical for you.

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    Bob Lang has a website that he sells drawings for G&G furniture from.

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    Remember, you do often have the option to take digital plans and have them printed at FedEX, UPS Store, Staples, Office Depot, etc. if need be on a larger format printer. But it's true that the trend has been digital distribution because it's more cost effective. You can also print them out at home using "tiling" and tape them up to full size in many cases.

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    Aside from Bob Lang’s book previously mentioned, I don’t think you will find many G&G plans.

    When I start a new project, I buy a copy of the original G&G drawing for the piece I want to make, then scale it and make my own drawings. You can order the drawings from the G&G digital archives:

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    After spending numerous hours searching for the paper plans I thought were available in abundance, I have accepted the fact that they are available in a limited quantity, and that doing my own drawings will make me a better woodworker, I am moving forward. I have purchased all the books I can find offering G&G furniture drawings.

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    Lee valley has a couple. Also, a place called American Craftsman, or something like that, used to sell some Darrel Peart plans. I think Darrel's books have a couple plans in them as well.

    Not printed per se, but Dale Bernard has some DVDs that have printable plans.

    You can get a Gamble bed plan from FWW. Also Robert Lang has a great book.

    But the truth is that there are a ton of digital resources. That's probably the best place. For instance the wood whisperer has several G&G plans on his site. But you need to print them.

    William Ng is also coming out with an online class for a coffee table

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