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Thread: Tracking your projects - question

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    Tracking your projects - question

    Im trying to find an app for my iPad that I can use to track my wwing projects, customer orders, as well as general invoicing for items sold. I need something simple, easy to use and doesnt bust the bank. I really like free, but Im also ok with low cost. I found one that is a strong heavy hitter but its $500 a year and it does WAY more than I need/want.

    What do you do for this type of stuff?
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    We sent up a simple system based on a Access Database. Access is included in the version of MS Office I need for my employment. I don't know if there is something akin to Access for Apple products.

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    For my business, I use Quickbooks which is an online subscription system. I do not have the project tracking features. I can access it from any of my computers as well as my mobile devices. It handles payment processing for me, too...clients pay directly from the invoice, online. I generally request ACH so there are no fees to me, too. If I have to, I can accept a credit card, but for most transactions, nobody's blinked about just paying direct from their bank account. The bonus at the end of the year is that my accountant can access things directly, many any adjustments and then produce the business tax return quickly and easily. (He's a Quickbooks certified accountant as many are if they handle small businesses) I looked at WAVE, but there was a dearth of accountants involved and some catches to the "free" thing if I recall. Quickbooks is a known and long established system.

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