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Thread: Tongue and groove cutting

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    That "fine adjust" on the fence was not on all the 45s....just the later is not a deal breaker if it isn't part of the fence....just means it is an earlier model.

    Count the number of cutters included in a deal....usually the 45's "standard" package was 24 cutters. The 3/16" match cutter was an "option", the 1/4" was a Standard.

    I find the all wood bodied planes..
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    This is a set of Match planes...$30 each....tend to be one size, hard to adjust, way over priced. And hard to use....and sharpen.

    Note: to find a "Complete" Stanley 45 with all it's cutters ( good luck..) would mean you have about...130 different cutters, extra bases, extra depth stops...

    Just look for a "Basic" 45...can always add a cutter when the need for THAT cutter arises. Some of the basic set, are rarely even used...

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    Thanks for the info Steven. It comes with the cutters in the pictures above plus 3 others. I think the total is like 21 if I counted properly. It is an early plane, like 1910-1914. It comes with a metal box as well with really old Stanley stickers. Not sure if it's original, but different from the other ones I have seen

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    I have the identical plane also in the tin box. From what I see, your plane is only missing two parts. One is the little wood handled screwdriver which is almost always missing but certainly not a deal breaker. The other which I don't see is the slitter. It may be on the plane and again, don't know anyone who actually uses the slitter cutter.

    Personally, I think a plane in that condition is full retail. I'd offer $110 and go to $125. I recently bought the one I'm describing at a tool meet for $175 and it is never used and complete in the tin box like yours.

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