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Thread: Lifting spiral pipe for installation

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    I used some hooks screwed on ceiling

    I used that cheap small metal hooks screwed on ceiling for a similar application as well to hang all my rain collecting system... I worked alone. It works, it is easy and dirty cheap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Seemann View Post
    I just drew a line with a Sharpie around the pipe where I wanted to cut. Then I secured the pipe and used a Sawzall with a metal blade in it. it worked quite well actually.
    We just had a whole floor's HVAC system replaced at my place of employment (I'm a maintenance tech). LOTS of spiral pipe, from 24" down to 4". What you described is exactly how the union tin-knockers did it.

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    Well, I have to say the drywall lift worked perfectly. I made some progress today. All of the 8" main trunk is hung. I haven't screwed anything together yet in case I need to make fitting adjustments when hanging the 6" pipe.

    WIN_20190929_15_32_21_Pro.jpg WIN_20190929_15_32_53_Pro.jpg WIN_20190929_15_44_37_Pro.jpg WIN_20190929_16_30_59_Pro.jpg WIN_20190929_17_20_07_Pro.jpg WIN_20190929_17_32_11_Pro.jpg WIN_20190929_17_29_37_Pro.jpg

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    Nice idea with the cradles!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    That is pretty slick!

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