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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    16 Sep 2019

    It's been a busy week at the day job, no oncall duty this time but it was busy. Spent time this week working on the sander rebuild project. I'm finally to the point of getting all of it put back together. It will have a few missing parts, as they were missing when I bought it, but for $50 for a 6x48 belt with 12" disk sander that came out of an old piano factory will serve me well for years to come.
    I spent some time trying to learn different aspects of drawing and designing inside VCarve Pro so I can be more ready when I pull the trigger on my first CNC Router. Spent today with family and relaxed a bit but it's back to a very busy week ahead.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Putting the finishing touches on my first set of cabinets out of my retooled shop. Was quite a bit of learning in this set . Already establishing ways to improve and speed up the process. Overall am pretty happy with the result.

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    'Glad you're making progress on the sander, Dennis. And keep it up with the sure you've switched to V10 now that it's released. New features, et al...

    Busy week for included a trip to Hearne Hardwoods to be the "eyes" for a Texas-based fellow 'Creeker who needed some beautiful rosewood for a couple of commissions and of course, I didn't get out of there unscathed. I also started work on some additional CNC work for a client as well as on a large black walnut dining table top for the same client. He's now asked me to draw up and get costs for a welded steel base for the same table. Other than that, it was dealing with this and that as normal.

    This week has more of the same, without a trip to the "candy store", of course...

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Finished up grouting the wall tiles in our bathroom, floor to ceiling tile. Hopefully next weekend I'll have the floor tiled. It has been a long journey but the end is in sight.

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