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Thread: Used machinery electoral & safety caution reminder.

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    Used machinery electoral & safety caution reminder.

    I am in the slow steady process of tool/machinery updating & quality improvement. In the past several months, I purchased in the used tool realm (auctions, CL & etc.) three very nice upper end tools. Upon moving them into the shop, I typically carefully go over them, clean, lubricate, de-rust, etc. along with power cord inspection, upgrade or change over of the male plugs to conform to the type used in my shop for that voltage/amperage.

    The three recent arrivals had significant electrical faults.
    1. The Ace OSS spindle sander, a 3 phase tool that came from a high school classroom environment, did not have the cord ground wire connected to the tool! Nothing. Both the frame and motor were ungrounded.
    2. The Laguna bans saw, 230VAC/1phase, that came from very nice private residence shop had a loose/high resistance connection of its' ground wire. (The cord appeared to have been replaced at some prior time). Literally, the ground wire fell out of its connection in the machine buss terminal strip after I took the junction box cover off. The cover appeared to have been holding it in.
    3. The Jet edge sander on/off switch was internally held together with electrical tape only. The switch junction box area appeared to have prior damage & repair. Upon opening it, it was only taped together.

    And all three, appeared to have come from good previous homes & to have been well maintained. Just because it appears to have come from a "good" sho/home, does not ensure that it is problem free. Please do not take their safety for granted.

    Fortunately, all 3 proved to be in good mechanical condition needing only cleaning & adjustment.

    My caution is, if you have the knowledge and ability to do so: Go over your used tool purchases carefully to ensure they are safe & properly set up. If you don't have the knowledge or experience, get someone with that ability to go over them with you.
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    My last four old iron rebuilds (Delta 3hp 15" planer, cute 1/2hp Delta 10" band saw, 3/4hp Delta 15" drill press and DeWalt 1hp radial arm saw) all were ungrounded, that is, green wire cut off and not connected, when I opened the electrical box.... I obviously rewired WITH grounds attached. Kinda scary. Randy

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    I bought a used Buzz box welder at a yard sale for a good price. I could not get it to weld a consistent bead. Finally opened it up and found ground and one hot lead had been reversed. So the case was at 120 volts all the time. I had it next to the laundry sink so I could plug it into the dryer outlet.
    It was trying to weld on 120 volts instead of 240. So once I switched the cord around it worked fine.
    Bill D

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    At work, we had a monster 100kW power supply (needed 460V 3ph input). Always got a static "zap" when touching it. Turns out the screw holding down the 8AWG ground wire wasn't tight, and the little bit of green anodizing on it was preventing any connection. Scary!

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    Buy an older home and check the electrical work from previous owners. Never seems to be any shortage of hair raising stuff you’ll find.

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    You have seen nothing until you travel to Dominican Republic...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Beitz View Post
    You have seen nothing until you travel to Dominican Republic...
    Very good point. But I’ve heard rumor of Americans getting kidnapped so I wouldn’t advise anyone to check!

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    I always give used machinery a thourough inspection, including ground resistance and insulation resistance testing.

    As others have said, you find a lot of issues with older equipment.........Rod.

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    And...on dual voltage machines i never trust the presence of a NEMA 5-xx plug to mean that the machine is set up for 120v operation.

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