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Thread: Aniline dye frustrations

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    With any wood like pine or mdf, they will blotch. I would use a water based pre-conditioner, the one I use is General Finishes pre-conditioner. It is really time sensitive, so one has only about 10 minutes to apply the dye. You can also seal the mdf with a quick light spray of shellac from a can, and then apply your dye. I would use a bunch of test boards and find out what works for you.

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    FWIW, the Trans-Tint type dyes are supposed to be much more colorfast than aniline dyes. They dissolve well in both alcohol and water. A light coat of shellac seems to take care of most blotchiness. (though I've never stained MDF)

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    I wouldn't expect MDF to not be blotchy. We used to just put a clear lacquer finish on MDF and it was blotchy.

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