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Thread: Grizzly 0632z lathe question

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    Grizzly 0632z lathe question

    Rpm readout light stays on with lathe shut off. Is this normal?

  2. My G0800 does the same thing.....unless of course I unplug the machine, which isn’t a bad thing, as it protects the VFD from power surges or lightening. It is designed that way, and not a problem. Also note that your VFD will still have some power on it for about 15-20 seconds after it is unplugged, as the capacitors store energy for startup purposes, so if you ever try servicing your unit, wait about a minute before doing any electrical work to avoid a possible shock.

    Also, there is a support group here for Grizzly lathe owners. The Grizzly Green Monster Group [GGMG]. Which you can access, and become a member in if you wish...a great place for info on your lathe and turning. You can find it by clicking the “Community” tab near the top of the page, the “Groups” from the drop down menu. Welcome aboard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Jain View Post
    Rpm readout light stays on with lathe shut off. Is this normal?
    I've never seen a Grizzly lathe but the Powermatic and Jet lathes I have with speed readout do the same. I have big switch in a steel box that kills the power completely when I'm not using the lathe.


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    Thanks for response.

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