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Thread: Television popped and won't turn on

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    Years ago my dad took the guts out of his nice wooden console, and inserted a 21" TV in the case. It looked like it came that way.
    Worked for a RCA dealer back in the early 70's. Sold three types of tv's. RCA console, and RCA table top. Customers would swear picture was so much better on console than table top. Insides were EXACTLY the same. Best TV was a Japanese "Olympic" 19" portable. There was a barber shop next door, and static from clippers tore up the RCA's, but didn't bother the Olympic.

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    When I was little, my dad put an addition on our house that added a family room, master bedroom and bathroom. My mom wanted the decor to be red and black, with wrought iron tables and smoked black glass tops. She found the perfect TV for the room - a 26" RCA console with a smoked black glass top. It was over $1000 (in 1973) but she bought it anyway. My dad had a fit but they kept it. We had that TV in our family until it died in 1986, when they replaced it guessed RCA console TV. This time with an oak finish to match the decor in the family room of their new house.

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