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Thread: Power setting for tube longevity

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    Power setting for tube longevity

    I have a general question about how to maximize the longevity of a laser tube. I have an 80 watt machine (Gweike LC6090) that I have just put a new EFR F2 tube into. The specs on that tube say it has an operating current of 28 mA. I generally try to run my machine at 21 mA maximum. Will operating at even lower power settings and cutting slower be easier on the tube / help make it last longer? Or is the situation more that there is a healthy power range which will preserve the tube if not exceeded?

    Any help in better understanding this is appreciated. Thanks.


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    I have never seen any information that says your slower strategy will increase the life. In fact, it might be worse/less efficient since your tube will be on/firing longer for a given design.

    FWIW, I have the same tube and EFR states the tube is designed to operate at a maximum of 28 mA but that the long life specification for your tube is 25 mA. I would not be afraid to drive it at 25 mA and below.
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    Glass tubes like to be ran at 100% power, a lower power might have negative affects

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    My 80w Triumph is almost 6 years old. The machine is used 'regularly' but not necessarily daily, probably 4 out of 7 days it's used. I use it to engrave larger anodized operator panels I build that won't fit in other machines, as backup for when other machines are busy, and for cutting lots of 1/16 and 1/8" Rowmark. My 'full power' is 72% as sent from the software, that usually equates to 26mA. Several times when deep engraving wood I've used 80% power settings. Rowmark and anodized alum raster engraving is done at 12 to 18% power.

    That's my typical usage, and it works exactly as it did in 2013.
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    Thanks so much for the replies guys. Running it at maximum specified levels (thus running it for shorter time) makes a lot of sense.
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