Maybe I'm just ham-handed but, it seems like half the time when I dump the rail connectors out of the little storage tube I drop the wrench. Makita did a good job of providing a storage spot for the blade wrench in the handle of the saw. I'm sure someone thought of this or something like it before but, a piece of tubing and the unused side of that handle-hole make a stash spot for the rail connector wrench.

Your mileage may differ but, the tubing I had that fit snugly on the wrench was just a bit small to fit snug in the hole. I just snipped a section out to create a flap to fill the gap. The end of the tube in my hand is out of focus but, you can sort of see the internal shape. This happens to be oxygen hose from the last time someone was in the hospital. Apparently I scrounge all sorts of . . . stuff from wherever I happen to be.

It goes in and out without coming loose from the tubing and stays put while I'm working. Now I can setup and tear-down without fumbling the wrench half the time.