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Thread: Horizontal boring machine? Old one

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    Horizontal boring machine? Old one

    Has anyone used an old horizontal boring machine? This one is for sale locally and they want 200 for it. Looks to be foot operated and heavy duty. I used to have a robland x-31 with a horizontal boring table that attached to the end of the planer/joiner cutter head. It was sloppy at best.

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    I'm not a big fan of horizontal boring machines. I do like horizontal slot cutters, however. I've used horizontal slot cutters a fair amount and really like them for making mortises.

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    That looks like an old Davis & Wells horizontal boring machine. We modified several of them with Robland mortising tables. We have 3 of them at the school where I teach, used every day for years and years. I agree with the slop in the Robland table, though. There's probably other tables that hold tighter tolerances available that would work.

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    I bought a Grizzly horizontal boring machine several years ago, use an end mill to make slots for mortises. Really accurate. It has a handle for back and forth movement and another for the in and out, and I try to take off just enough per pass, so as not to break the cutter.

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    Not sure I'd find use for it or space, but it is a fine looking hunk of cast iron.

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