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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    8 Sep 2019

    Another week of oncall duty for the day job. I will be free at 8 am tomorrow morning. Progress has been made on the sander rebuild project. I hope to have it mostly assembled this week. Been learning how to draw in VCarve Pro with the idea of adding a cnc router to my shop before too long.

    Well, thatís it for me, so what did you do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    I'm happy you'll be off that on-call thing, Dennis. I know it's stressful and tiring for sure!

    This past week I completed a new threshold for a friend's home to replace the one he had me build awhile back in pine because "it had to match the trim exactly to make his spouse happy". As he discovered, the pine wasn't sturdy enough for the job. I suggested oak and that's what the new one is built with. Some minor changes in profile and dimensions will also make the new one perform better, too. I also worked on some new guitar designs that are "mine" rather than exact copies of a commercial product while still based on the same metrics. Some initial work on a very large black walnut dining table from two enormous natural edge slabs also was accomplished. The client will actually have to help me with that project because it takes two people to lift just one of the thick slabs...and will likely require four once they are jointed together.

    'Creeker visit today from Paul M this afternoon along with another local fellow. That will be enjoyable!

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    After sitting mostly idle for nearly a year changing equip and layout, I have a bunch of people waiting for items....... especially cutting boards. So I spent this weekend and a few nights last week batching out a bunch of large boards to get caught up with some gift needs. Just need to sand them and burn in a last name for each to be finished.



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    I finished my bench (pics in another thread) and then spent some time cleaning up and putting stuff away from that project, including the generally wrenching process of forcing myself to toss most of the the short cut-offs.... Still have to unload the shelves under my assembly table so I can turn it sideways and move it a bit to make room for the new bench. Also got into sharpening mode for the planes and chisels to get them ready for next project. But mostly I have been working outside since the weather in NE OH has been glorious, 70's and sunny during the day, with low humidity, and cool nights. I am building 4 more elevated garden beds for LOML, and doing a lot of long-neglected landscaping.

    Next woodworking project is a mantle with cabinet...still doing design work on that.

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    Finished up a couple of small boxes for gifts to nephews, sharpened up a few tools, and after watching a number of Thomas Johnson Restoration YouTube videos, decided to get after a beat up and cracked top steamer trunk I bought decades ago.

    To be honest, it should probably be tossed. The top is a complete cracked up disaster, that obviously was done originally with no accounting for wood movement. But the Tom Johnson videos inspired me to at least get some restoration practice in. I think it will turn out to be quite ugly, but itís a nice diversion and chance to play with clamps, cauls, epoxy, and match finishing techniques.

    Iím already discovering, that if I wanted to do more restoration, a few very long reach/deep F-style clamps would be ideal.
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    Working on a 2-step stool for an elderly neighbor to make it easier to climb onto her bed. Trying half-blind dovetails to joint the sides and steps together using the dovetail guide from Veritas. Gaps all over the place but it is a learning process.
    Putting some diamond sharpening plates to good use, as it has been a while since of the edge tools have seen a sharp edge. Sharp sure does make a difference.
    Got lucky in this part of eastern NC with only a broken tree limb and 2 shingles damaged after Dorian left town. I retired from the insurance claims business last year and I don't miss this at all.

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