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Thread: reversing a bowl

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    I too use a set of Cole or Bowl Jaws like Barry McFadden and Alex Zeller, however you can also modify these for certain jobs that require delicacy.

    My Vicmarc Bowl Jaws are great for finishing the bottom of bowls and I pretty much do exactly as Barry McFadden does. As mentioned I modify both sets of my Bowl Jaws by sometimes replacing the soft (but reasonably hard) PVC stoppers with door stops from our local rubber supply place. The Vicmarc PVC stoppers are designed for external, by compression, or internal, by expansion holding and do it very well.

    This link shows their products and if you scroll down, there is a very short but informative clip, on how their bowl jaws work. You can also see the various attachments that Vicmarc sell to further enhance their bowl jaw sets, some I have and are quite useful.

    Attached is a picture with one of my bowl jaws with my door stop stoppers attached. Being used to refinish off the interior of a bowl after I noted it wasn't quite up to scratch.



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    +Gee, I tried the cole jaws- Gave it away- and probably 8 other methods 30 years ago. I settled on either a 2.5" faceplate or a single screw for the initial grab on the blank. Hollow forms are usually compatable with a hole of that size and a weight of less than a SS can handle. The small faceplate can have 2-3" screws that will hold a lot of weight.

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