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Thread: Hose-end fittings into flex ducting

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    Hose-end fittings into flex ducting

    Does anyone know the trick of fitting 4" flanged hose-ends into spiral flex ducting? Maybe soften the end of the duct in boiling water or with a heat gun?

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    Try a 4 inch no hub connector.
    Its in the plumbing section and looks like a large hose clamp with a rubber sleeve inside.
    It will allow you to tighten on to different diameters with in reason.

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    I am using 5 inch metal in my current shop but my last one was 4 inch S&D PVC. I'm working from memory but I believe I got a nice tight fit of flex into the female end of the 4 inch PVC - the end where the other pipe can slide in.

    If you need to, PVC can be expanded or shrunk with a heat gun. The Oneida super dust deputy can be too.

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    I used a 4inch HDPE pipe for my collector runs. The fittings from grizzly and others fit ok, but pipe was easily shrunk with heat gun to be tight fit. I did use a single wrap of duct tape to really make things airtight (inside) and if I thought it needed it, a quick wrap of aluminum ducting tape.
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    These are probably sold somewhere else too, but I remember seeing them here:

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