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Thread: Ray Fine 50W Fiber ordered

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    Ray Fine 50W Fiber ordered

    I had started a thread about buying an Ebay laser. Well it looks like a 50w split system from Ray Fine is cheaper than a 20w from a US seller, including the import fees and duties. I have it ordered and am anxiously, and a bit nervously waiting. Not much content here, I just wanted to thank you all for the advise and help.

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    Keep us informed, And good luck with it
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    I went to the Ray Fine website and found a 50w 'split' that was equipped with a dynamic-focus 3D scan head- No pricing on the site, and information in general was, IMO, a bit on the sparce side... so I'm curious if your machine includes the 3D scanhead? For the price I'm thinking 'normal' scanhead...
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    I dont' think it has a scan head. To be honest I'm not sure what that is or does.

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    What is the "split"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trey Tull View Post
    What is the "split"?
    Split system has the electronics in a box about the size of a desktop computer, and then a 'table' with the laser arm mounted that looks like a radial arm saw.

    Split system:



    Not sure what this is, i've seen it called portable, I call it all-in-one

    Hope that helps

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    Ironically, I have one of each

    My Triumph is the 'portable', their term for it--
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    Im pretty pleased with my 50w rayfine, after I ordered mine I saw they also did one with a camera system, which might have been useful.
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