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Thread: 4" PVC DC question

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    4" PVC DC question

    Hi guys,
    Almost done with my DC and hit a snag. What fitting do I need in order to attach the flex hose to the 4" PVC? I thought a street cleanout fitting was the one... But no.

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    I think one of these, I have not set up a DC system but have been researching. Hopefully someone with the right experience will chime in

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    Clearvue has fittings that will work too.

    I think 4” flex will make it over 4” S&D pipe, it’s just not easy. Some people cut slits in the pvc so it can get a little smaller. Could be wrong, as I use 6”.

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    Cut a short pieces of 4" pipe (like 4" long) Mark two parallel lines along the length about 1 1/8" apart. Cut out the marked piece with a jigsaw. Squeeze the ends together and cover with a piece of foil tape.

    This will now slip inside 4" pipe and the hose will slip over it to be fastened with a clamp in the usual fashion. If you are connecting to a fitting hub, you will have to first insert a short piece of un-modified pipe, and then slip the adapter into it.

    Depending on your particular type/brand of pipe, the 1 1/8 may need to be adjusted. This works for any size pipe; you just have to adjust how big a slice you cut out of the pipe.

    If you want a fancier solution, there's a guy on utube that made a set of MDF forms, heats the pipe with a heat gun, and uses the forms to create a smoothly bent adapter.

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    Depending on the type of flex, if you strip out several windings of wire it will slip it over the pipe more easily.

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    Buy a tall can of pineapple juice and see if the can works for you with both ends cut out. I took a tape measure to the canned goods section an that is what I got to connect dc 4" hose. i think the spaghetti sauce is not the same can.
    Bill D

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    A simple way to adapt PVC to flex hose is merely to take a piece of sheet steel (including cutting up a piece of snaplock) and rolling it so it fits inside of the PVC. That gives you a flange to clamp the hose to. Be sure to use screws or pop rivets to fasten the metal to the PVC so it doesn't slip out.

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