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Thread: WTB - Looking for PM 3520B accessories

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    I have a oneway vacuum adapter that is $109 new, I would sell for $50 plus postage which should not be much
    The adapter works great but there is one problem with it--it is not easy to mount and unmount from the lathe so I leave it on all of the time
    This is fine except that it gets in the way of using the knockout bar to push out a morris taper--
    so i have a really nice solution to this. I have a big nut that has the same threat as the spindle, and I have glues a big washer to this
    when I am using a morris taper i just screw this onto the lathe first, and when i want to disengage the morris taper I just unscrew this
    it is much easier than the knockout bar and does not get in the way at all
    I would include this with the vacuum adapter
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ron, thanks for the photo and the additional info. But, I think I'll pass on the Oneway adapter. From what I have read you need to remove the handwheel to use. I'd rather have the handwheel. So I'' try to find one of the rotary vac adapters from Holdfast or JT Turning tools.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricc Havens View Post
    ...Oneway adapter. From what I have read you need to remove the handwheel to use.
    It's a good think I didn't find mine, then! Removing the handwheel was what I didn't like about it. The one I have now just slips into the end.


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