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Thread: Spalted/Ambrosia/Curly Maple Stand

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    Spalted/Ambrosia/Curly Maple Stand

    I finished this shelf back in June with the leftovers from the board that I used for the BiL's valet. I've been trying to put finish on it since then but have been messing up the order and the mix of things. It's finally done now though, after numerous sandings.

    It wasn't noticeable before hand, but once I got some finish on it some curl started showing up. It's currently sat near the back door, catching letters, keys and other stuff that I bring to and from the car.

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    Good job Dave! The hardwood is eye catching

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    Very well done, Dave. Love the spalted wood!

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    Beautiful! I love how the color streaking seems very organic, on one hand, but that you were able to match it so well across all the "levels" to also make it look intentional. Very nice work!

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    Thanks guys. It definitely was a neat board.

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    Great stand Dave - and your layout of the boards is spot on. Very nice. I buy spalted maple whenever I find it - lovely stuff.
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