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Thread: A lttle surprised by this squeeze out

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    A lttle surprised by this squeeze out

    I used polyurethane glue to join some domino-joined pieces. I'm used to poly glue squeeze out but this surprised me a bit.

    The mortise is about an inch from this face:


    And at least 1 1/2 inches from this face:


    I know red oak is ring porous, but didn't expect the glue to ooze out the pores over this distance.

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    Considering that red oak can literally be used as a drinking straw, It's not surprising that it leaked out from that mortise. It does expand with a fair bit of force.

    I've tried PU glue, but the mess, foaming, and lower strength than PVA have led me to abandon it as a wood glue. A common myth is that PU is gap filling. While it's true that it does fill gaps, the foam that it forms to fill those gaps is quite weak.

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    Iíve also seen that happen with regular pva glue.
    Gorilla glue is my choice of glue for out door projects mainly western cedar gates. The glue expands nicely in housed mortises keeping water out.
    The last gate I built with Douglas fir from the borg was a little bit wet. And thatís a good thing with gorilla glue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Pratt View Post
    Considering that red oak can literally be used as a drinking straw
    Bingo. You have an example of empirical evidence of this reality ;-)
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