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Thread: Any success learning French as an old guy??

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    Any success learning French as an old guy??

    When i google best way to learn French i am overrun with sales pitches. So, i thought I would reach out to the other “young” guys here, nearing retirement, and inquire if any of you have had success learning a foreign language at this stage of life?

    I have been told those that are musical have an easier time, but is i am not. In fact, I sing best in the shower, but the neighbors call 911 to report someone dying or being tortured . . . . When i tried in church (years ago) my family would sidestep away from me, and the people in the pews in front of me would find some reason to turn around. My church going days ended when they had a second collection for the pedophile defense fund . . . But i digress . . .

    Would love to learn to speak French; any suggestions?
    And my wife has already nixed the suggestion of a young au pair . . . . . .

    Thank you in advance. Patrick

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    Get a audio program and listen to the lessons. But to really learn a foreign language you need to go to the country and live there for a while (after you know the basics).

    Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.

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    I've had english and french for a very long time. I used Rosetta Stone last year to get enough Italian to take me through a recent vacation to Elba and Sicily. I'm 70.
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    Too bad about the au pair.

    I'd definitely give learning the new language a try. Don't not try it, if it's something you'd love to do - that's one of the things retirement is all about! Some kind of immersion in a language works best, from what I've seen. Join a club or org that speaks french - Alliance Francais, etc. Another idea: a guy I know practices his German by going online and reading the news on Austrian and German websites. That helps build his comprehension.

    Good luck!
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    I've been working on Italian for the last three years, not diligently. I can read most things now, but hearing and speaking is a challenge. I used Duolingo originally, but have made much more progress since engaging a tutor I found via Craigslist.

    Maybe you could find a construction or landscape company to work with for real experience. Portuguese is the most common second language here, so not much help to me.

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    Thank you gents. Patrick

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    I failed miserably to learn French as a young one in college, although I picked up German in school no problem, go figure. Practice and taking to actual speakers has no substitute.

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    Maybe your local school district has community education classes or there is a community college near you that has classes. Thats what I would start with. You just have to commit to doing the homework.

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    So she didn't rule out a french maid? You could emphasize the maid part. Just saying.....

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