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Thread: Finally I found an interesting explanation for shooting boards!

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    Exclamation Finally I found an interesting explanation for shooting boards!

    Guys, I am excited as finally I had my questions on shooting boards answered in that video.

    Perhaps this video also can add something for you more experienced ones,

    I would like to know your feedback and critics also. Thanks in advance!
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    All the best.


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    You've found one of the best resources in Bob.
    He'll never steer you wrong.

    Older posts can be found at the former Logan Cabinet Shoppe website (which may not linger).

    Kudos for your curiousity

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    Thanks for posting that video. I enjoyed it!
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    Thank you for posting, Osvaldo, enjoyed the video as well.

    I have and use each of the shooting boards he demonstrates except the one he compares more to a miter jack concept, like this one:

    I won’t argue that when doing miters it is ideal to work the plane and shooting board from opposite ends (keeping reference faces and edges oriented correctly), however, I have found that a thin shim (a playing card, for example), can make up for any minor miter issues that might occur. Obviously, you do need to work from opposite sides for molding, which I can do with a standard plane versus my shooting plane. Or, I use a miter trimmer to make final cuts for molding.
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