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Thread: Kids Toy Shelf

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    Kids Toy Shelf

    The toys were getting a little out of control in the basement so my wife asked if I could build a toy shelf for them. I wanted to make this a blend of metal and wood for something a little different. I used 2x12 beetle kill doug fir that I tried to keep as thick as possible. It was harvested out of an area that had a big wildfire in 2013 which created a lot of the dark brown streaking in it along with the blues from the bugs. I ran it through the planer just enough to surface the top and gave the bottom a light sanding. The metal is 1x2" 16ga tubing with 1x.25in straps between to add some lateral support. I didn't get a picture of it but after I finished fitting the top, I went back in and welded supports under it as it was way too tight to put in there with the metal supports already installed.
    It is finished with General Waterlox to keep all the blues of the beetle kill.20190902_124031.jpg
    20190902_111944.jpg20190831_080837.jpg20190831_080824.jpg20190831_102308 (1).jpg20190831_115656.jpg

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    Also made this with a cut off...stepstool for the garage Attachment 415390

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    Very cool! I am planning to make some stools with some DF Blue Stain - any tips for working with it?


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    My biggest challenge is that most of the stuff i used was at 35% moisture level so i had to account for a lot of future movement. That being said, Ive never really had any big cracks with it in other projects involving panel glue ups with similar moisture levels.

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    Shad, really nicely done. I like the mix of metal and wood. I do admit, I did chuckle when I saw the photo. Having raised a couple of kids, I wonder how often the toys will be put back as nice as you’ve staged the photo

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    Yeah....well see how that goes ha

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