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    Coping baseboard

    I'm currently doing a small project that involves coping some made wooden baseboard to preexisting marble baseboard. Fortunately the homeowner had a piece of the marble leftover so that I could get cutters made to match. Here in lay my problem.

    The base that I made and the marble have almost exactly matching profiles, however, there is some variation due to the ability of wood to hold a sharper edge. I'm not sure if this variation is the culprit but no matter how closely I cope to the line, I can not get a clean joint. Of primary concern is the persistent gap that appears between the lower non-coped (but back cut at 45) part of the wooden molding and the lower non-profiled flat face of the marble. Make sense?

    Initially I thought my problem might be my material so I remade the molding and didn't cut the profile as deeper on the shaper. When butted end to end (marble to wood) all surfaces/planes are flush. Still no luck. Have double checked accuracy of machines and all are on. I'm at a loss with regards to how to fix this. Or do I accept the gap as the end result of slight variations in the profiles?

    I'm sure there is some trick I'm missing here but finish carpentry isn't in my tool chest.

    Thanks all!



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