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Thread: A quick Ear muff comparison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dueane Hicks View Post
    I purchased a pair of 3M peltor optime 105's. They are behind the head muffs. I have found them to be very comfortable, with no annoying bar across the top of my head. Still going to be too hot for warmer weather, but I have plugs for that. They look like this...
    I looked at the Optime 105's. They have a NRR of 29 dB, I needed a better NRR than that for my sometimes screaming cnc.
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    I've never even been around a running cnc machine. I guess carving chisels are quiet enough for 29! I switch to Sensguard sg-31 when it's too hot to wear earmuff style protection.
    Where did I put those band aids?

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