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Thread: Smaller circular saw for plywood

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    I have a Dewalt cordless as well. This past weekend I was ripping some 3/4 MDF and it is really hard for me to handle sheet goods that size by myself, so I oversize it then straighten it out on the table saw.
    I do realize that adding in-feed and out-feed tables would eliminate this problem, I just do not have the room in my garage for such.
    Actually my out-feed table, when needed or used, is a set of saw-horses, a couple 2x6 stretchers and a sheet of 7/16 OSB. The height is not dead on perfect but is close enough that I can handle keeping it straight on the front in and pushing it through!!

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    I'm a worm drive guy. I invested in a Forrest WWII for my PC 314. Never used a Saw Boss, but worm drive power plus high quality blade = a dream saw. As weird as it sounds, it convinced me to invest in a Forrest for my Skilsaw. Couldn't be happier with either one.

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    Well - let's see - small circular saws:
    1.) - Makita cordless track saw & two 55" tracks. I picked mine up for $399 & got an extra set of batteries (5 AH ((about $115)) ) from a Home Depot online sale a couple/three years ago. I use it to break down sheet goods to exact size in the parking lot of where I buy them. Makes transport easy & gets that part of the project out of the way like - right now... It can't be beat for breaking down sheet goods and/or doing a million and one other things that a track saw makes mindlessly easy. MY Festool TS55EQ is just a tad more accurate and produces a hair better quality of cut, as well as having slightly better dust pickup - but - the extra cost of the Festool is difficult to justify.

    2.) - Makita 18V LXT 3 tool kit w/6.5" Circular saw I again picked mine up from an online saw at Home Depot for $399 - plus it came with two free tools (cordless router & multifunction tool are the two I picked). I gave my old DeWalt cordless stuff to my grandson and a nephew and switched to Makita 18V because of the batteries. This saw is a real workhorse. Aside from not having the depth of cut a 7.25" saw has, the new brushless 18V LiIon technology provides a s much oomph as needed. The battery it uses is the same as the track saw and also the same blades can be used.

    3.) - Makita 3 3/8" 12V cordless saw. I picked this saw up as a one time tool. I messed up making some drawers and had to cut 1/4" off the width of some already installed face frames. I only allowed 1/2" total for the drawers I made & rather than remake all the drawers, I figured it would be easier to just enlarge the drawer openings. This handy little saw did the trick & then some. This small saw & a Clamp 'n Cut type straight edge would be my first choice for cutting down MDF, plywood other than the good stuff, laminate flooring,,,,just about anything really - that didn't require the super accuracy of a track saw.
    I simply can't convey how light and handy this little guy is.
    This little guy would be ideal for cutting out sink openings in counter tops.
    Naturally, at only 12V there isn't a whole lot of power to spare - - but - - it does seem to get the job done.

    4.) - Corded Black and Decker 5.5" (long discontinued so - no link)(there are plenty of other 5.5" saws though - most cordless. What a total joy to use. Small and light and just about the upper limit of what a normal person can manage to use cutting overhead and/or on a vertical surface - those cuts don't happen often,,but,,when they do, this size saw is perfection. Also excellent for trimming off door bottoms. I prefer it to a track saw - but - that's just me & it does require a high tooth count blade.

    Bottom line IMHO is - -there is no one "perfect" small circular saw. You need to figure out your specific needs and go from there.
    My granddad always said, :As one door closes, another opens".
    Wonderful man, terrible cabinet maker...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dueane Hicks View Post
    I'm thinking of purchasing a smaller circular saw for cutting up plywood (not finish cutting). Do any of you have any recommendations?
    For many years I used a Bosch 6 1/2-inch blade power saw. I constructed virtually all stuff at home with that single saw many moons ago.
    All the best.


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    Same here on Dewalt 18v cordless that has the battery adapter for newer 20v Li batteries. Use it when I'm trimming 12 ft boards in my back storage garage as it doesn't have power.

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    I have the M12 cordless saw that I use for quick cuts. It works well.

    But this looks handy

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    If you are invested into a specific battery powered tool brand then stick with their stuff. I am all in on Makita so I have their small brushless saw and it is incredibly light weight. I have the Makita adapter that allows it to utilize my Festool guide rails. This saw is so handy to use. Mainly for sheet good breakdown in my driveway where dust collection is not needed. I take this or my Makita jigsaw to the store when I need to reduce size of something in the parking lot.

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    The Dremel Saw-max might not be robust enough for serious use, but its handy enough for small jobs. It will cut just deep enough to get through 23/32 plywood.

    PC Saw Boss.

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