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Thread: Question: Stanley 720, 740, & 760

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    Question: Stanley 720, 740, & 760

    Hi All,

    What is the difference between these chisels? Are some paring chisels, firmers for cutting dovetails, or are there other differences?

    Thanks and regards,


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    This link will give you a few clues.

    Courtesy of Troy Eads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilton Ralphs View Post
    This link will give you a few clues.

    Courtesy of Troy Eads.
    Very accurate description Hinton. Sometimes the 720 line are described as "paring" but that is only because of the longer length. I have a single 720 somewhere in my accummulation (not used much, if at all) and this past weekend, saw one in the wild, that I passed by.

    Some other makers, made long blade socket chisels (Witherby comes to mind), but they were a bit thinner, still thicker than, say, a Sorby or Henry Taylor paring chisel available today.

    Now with that being said, being a ham fisted amateur, I use whatever is at hand, that is able to get the job done.
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