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Thread: Dust Collector Choice

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    Dust Collector Choice

    Its between a Grizzly G0860 1-1/2 hp cyclone dust collector and a Jet JCDC-1.5 1-1/2 hp cyclone dust collector. Does anyone have input/ experience with either?

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    Look at larger hp units with larger diameter impellers. A cyclone is a pre separator and while the separation helps the filters, it comes at the cost of reducing cfm at the port. 1.5 hp will not pull enough cfm at the additional pressure created by the cyclone to do anything but a mediocre job at the machine. If cost is an issue, look at a 2 hp bagger with good bags or a larger cyclone and you will save $$ in the long run. Dave

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    +1 to David's comments. Neither is a good choice. The cyclone keeps the filter from fouling as quickly, but adds losses you can't afford because you don't have enough air movement, to begin with.

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    Thank you for the input. Those are my two choices and I was looking for input on which one may be the better unit. I guess I didn't phrase my original question clearly

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    Also cost isn't the issue, electricity is. I have a two bag HF DC currently. It has done an ok job, but it is getting old and hard to get parts for. Its CFM was greatly exaggerated by HF and it worked ok for me
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    Iíd try to find a way to fix the electrical limitations rather than use a mediocre DC. I couldnít be happier with my CV1800.

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    Thanks for your input. You have no idea what the electrical issues are and I'm not about to spend that kind of money just to use a dust collector. I found many reviews online by people who are perfectly happy with the dust collectors I asked about. I guess all those are incorrect or that they all are posted by people associated with the manufacturers. I was just interested in comments from those who have either of the collectors I asked about. I Feel one of them will fit my needs which no one here knows of.

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    I have the 1 1/2 hp Grizzly cyclone. It is 4 yrs old so previous model. It has been fine for my use. That said, it being my first cyclone itís purchase was a mistake. I have no flexibility in its use and flexibility comes with HP. Once again, Imam to late smart.

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    Mark, if you want one of those two, this is pretty much a "pick your favorite color scheme" decision. They are likely to perform similarly.

    On another note, folks who have commented somewhat negatively are just trying to help. Dust collection is about moving air, not "suction" and smaller machines with smaller fans can struggle with that. Pre-separation, which is very desirable and why cyclones are recommended so much, does, however, add to the load that the machine has to support. So with the type of machine you want/need to buy for your particular shop, you'll get best performance by moving it from machine to machine and keeping the hose as short as possible.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Thanks for the input. After much research and talking to an expert, I feel a small cyclone will get the job done. It is on the bottom end of what I need, but to my understanding should do the job. I plan to move it to the machine and it will be used on just two machines, but not at the same time. I like the Cyclone design. It appears to be more mobile than the two bag units. I know the mobility of the two bag units and have seen the cyclone in person and pushed it around.
    To my understanding, HP is the main issue as it is needed to turn the correct size impellor. That said, it appears other factors such as duct size, number of bends, how sweeping the bends are, length of the ducting, restrictions at the collector and the tool (port sizes), and how smooth bore the ducting is all affect CFM and FPM. My understanding is these factors can rob even the most powerful dust collectors of most their efficiency. Lastly, I was urged to be careful of manufacturers specs for obvious reasons and to be careful about what I read on forums. The person mentioned that there were knowledgeable people on them, but many who only thought they were and like the manufacturers they may just be promoting their system. Finally, I'm no expert. That shows in my previous dust collection setup with a 4 inch by 25 foot spiral hose running across the floor with bends and loops in it attached to a dust collector with specs that were just lies. Dust collection is not a top priority for me, but just a grudging necessity for certain tools in my shop.

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    Thanks Jim, That is what I was told by an expert also. If you read my last post it explains my understanding of the issues based on the conversation I had with this person. I am concerned about the Grizzly due to the comments about manufacturers exaggerating their performance specs. I was told that test have shown for the most part Jet and Delta don't do this. Also the Grizzly appears to pull way more amps at start up than the Jet. Most have had to wire in a dedicated 30 amp circuit with 10 gauge wire and a higher rated receptacle when Grizzly states only a 20 amp circuit is requires. This leads into the exaggeration issue I mentioned in my previous post
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    Mark, if you are just comparing the two units there will be little difference in performance since the Grizzly runs a 12.75" impeller and the Jet spec's 13" unless they rounded off. The real info to judge cfm, short of measuring both under similar circumstances is to look at impeller diameter and to a lesser extent, depth and curve of the blades, pressure drop of the cyclone itself, and filter area and pressure drop of the filters ( none of that info is ever available ). The Jet lists MERV 13 on the filters but I don't see what Grizzly uses but likely similar since they are both listed as 1 micron. It is likely both units are made using very similar designs if not in the same factory. Motor quality is important but I've never been able to find reliable info on low end motors so you are on your own there. Buy whatever you can get the best deal on. Dave

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    If you go with Grizzly at least its less expensive if it doesn't work out. I personally have felt that JET has been overpriced ever since they got lumped in with Powermatic.

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    If power supply is limiting your ability to go with a larger motor, I'd still respectfully suggest that you consider a 2-bagger instead of the cyclone. Consider that the only reason the cyclone exists is to keep the filter from loading up more quickly. Unless that's a problem you regularly have, there is no sense in having a cyclone.

    I use a 2HP bag-type collector (with a Wynn filter) that I wheel between machines and connect with a short piece of flex hose. I wish it were more powerful. But if you're limited to <2HP, you'll get the best performance without the cyclone.

    Any chance you can forgo the filters (and cyclone) entirely and vent directly outside?

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    My 1.5 hp GO703P Grizzly was ordered as a 220 machine. It arrived as a 110v with the 220v conversion kit, basically a new board and wiring change. i try to group the machines loosely around the DC and hook them up individually. I try to minimize the movement of the DC. On my 3hp Saw-stop, 735 Dewalt planer, BX14 Bandsaw, etc the Grizzly does a very good job. The 8" GO440 Grizzly planers "spits" shavings, but I think that is from a poor hood design on the unit. I base that on a recent post here on the topic of dust collection and jointers. I just haven't taken the time to check it out. For a mobile unit in a small shop the Grizzly has been excellent.

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