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Thread: Ducting Ideas

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    Ducting Ideas

    First, let me start by saying that this thread began because of reading Mike's thread: Dust Extraction Duct Routing - High or Low?

    Mike - That is a great job!

    You mentioned all the people that inspired me. Hopefully I'm able to take away from yours...

    I have another thread discussing the options for smaller port machines. My shop is completely mobile (with regards to equipment) with the exception of my floor drill press. That, of course, is stationary.

    I'm looking into a dust collection system and ideally want something that will work for the mobility side of it. I almost narrowed it down to the new ONEIDA SUPERCELL but for the money I can get a full dust collection system and bring down the size of the pipes to fit my needs for way cheaper and allowing me future expansion of machines I think.

    What I'd like to do is place the collector to the right of the garage door (Christmas Tree location). Run the pipes to the ceiling (prestressed garage and concrete everywhere - oh yay). Once at the center of the room I'd like three individual ceiling drops that allow me to have some sort of "SLINKY" flex tube that when not in use they hug the ceiling. I want to be able to pull them down with some sort of bungee and connect to three different machines if needed. Then just before that three part, I want it to "Y" off and go over to both the Drill press and a Floor sweep.

    That's my IDEAL scenario. Now, how do I achieve that? Keeping in mind that NONE of my machines at this time have a dust port larger than 2.5". It was recommended on my other post to check out Festool's Dust Extractor but for the monies, I should be able to get a great dust collector, drop the lines down and be able to upgrade in the future if needed (tools). With Festool, They charge you for every possible attachment and you're very limited on future expansion.

    Any and all input is welcome. Thanx in advance!!!
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    The system will work's not ideal for the smaller ports, but you will not likely notice. prepares you for machines with larger ports when you upgrade. Just have a conversation with Oneida about your intended application as they may have a version that's more optimal for the higher static pressure that small ports bring into play. They have been doing a lot of work around that in recent years, largely because of the growth of CNC and other factors in shops that change the dust collection characteristics.

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    Well, I have decided to go with the Oneida Supercell setup. This will accommodate ports up to 5" in diameter. I won't be upgrading to any ports larger than that in my current location - no room. I'll post once I receive it and have a chance to set up the unit and ducting.

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