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Thread: Template Material Suggestions

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    Template Material Suggestions

    Im looking for some advice. I need to make three large templates. Each one is about 2 x 5. The template will be laid on thin steel and traced around. It might be used several times at first and then may hang on the wall for two+ years between uses. At first I was thinking 1/4 mdf but is there anything at the borg or that might be better or thinner and still stable?

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    You can get mdf 1/8” or how about using plastic laminate
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    Hi Dan,
    I would recommend Masonite (tempered hardboard) for templates. I have used this material with great success. Approximately 1/8" thick x 4 ft. x 8 ft. for $8.98 per sheet.
    I think this would be easier to deal with than mdf, and would probably hold up better with use.
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    I use door skin.
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    Look for 1/8" tempered hardboard. Both Home Depot and Lowes have it in 4 x 8 sheets, according to their websites.
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    You are tracing around it, not using it as a router template right?

    Make it from something you can fold or roll up for easy storage. I have a roll of brown paper that I might use depending on the precision needed. Or you could use mylar or some other plastic or vinyl. Maybe ask at a fabric store, they use a lot of patterns. I trace with a felt tip pen, it makes a sharp line without pushing the pattern around. Blue tape is your friend.

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    I regularly cut templates from both 1/4" MDF and 1/2" MDF, many for clients. I think that Steve is spot on that if you can get the thinner 1/8" MDF product, that will be great for tracing purposes, but 1/4" will certainly do a great job, too. I use 1/4" for templates myself for tracing, but 1/2" if it's something that has to be used as a guide for say, routing an edge.

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