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Thread: Jet 1642evs problems

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    Jet 1642evs problems

    So I've got an older 1640 that I've used constantly for many many years. Recently I went out of town and forgot to unplug it. We had a storm go through and my lathe suffered. The controller was fried. As turning is essential to my income, i bought a new one from Jet. After installation I'm getting the code Lu..l which I believe is the motor... it looks like a new motor is around $600. But I've already dropped 500 into a new brain, I'm hesitant to buy a new motor and throw good money after bad since these items are unreturnable!

    I'm not well versed in electronics etc. but I can muddle through some things...

    Please any and all help is deeply APPRECIATED!

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    I see 2 posts 16 days apart about the same problem although one says a 1642 and one, although labeled 1642, says the problem is with a 1640???... you have 2 lathes with the same problem?

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    Sorry Barry... it died just before a big family cross country trip and i was pretty stressed..and then I forgot I made the original POST! It's a jwl 1642evs...

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