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Thread: 'pre-finished' 1/8'' (3mm) thick plywood

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    'pre-finished' 1/8'' (3mm) thick plywood

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for sources of 'pre-finished' 1/8'' (3mm) thick plywood.
    Possibly cabinet or aircraft grade and for interior use.
    The main specification is 'pre-finished' with a clear top coat(s) of some kind.
    Thanks in advance.
    John H.

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    I use "Valencia Lumber and Panel" in Van Nuys, California.

    They have a rather extensive stock of plywood in many flavors (baltic birch, appleply, etc), both unfinished and prefinished.

    Anything they don't have in stock they can get pretty quickly.

    I'm not sure if they do shipping -- I usually go there with a truck for pick up.

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