I have a question about the subject matter. Once in a while I have a project requiring dimensional lumber. This time I'm building a floating deck at my wife's request. For the framing I purchased a bunch of 2x8's it 8' & 10' lengths.

I set up my miter saw to cut these to length and had several cuts that had the blade start to bind and try to push the saw back at me a bit. I ended up using a circular saw.

In years past I have used a SCMS for these kinds of cuts and didn't remember this happening, but, I have changed something. I had a Makita corded SCMS for years and recently (maybe year ago) replaced it with a cordless Makita (36V).


1) I'm thinking that the boards aren't perfectly flat/square so at the end of the cut it causes the blade to bind?
2) Corded saw has more power and doesn't slow down as much when it starts to bind?
3) I have the OEM blade on the saw. Maybe blade is causing the issue?

Input appreciated.