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Thread: question for wipe on poly users

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    question for wipe on poly users

    I'm finishing up a couple of Camphor veneered boxes and have chosen Minwax wipe on poly satin. A coating I have used many times on its own without issue. I usually finish with fine steel wool and coat with "Renaissance" wax and it always produces a great satin finish.

    The camphor veneer is rather oily so after sanding down to 400 I sealed the wood with Zinsser "Sea Coat" wax free shellac which I also used in helping fill the grain. Sanding with 320 between coats. Weather has been warm here so I am able to get on a wipe on poly coat one per day to allow for a good cure before sanding lightly with 320 grit. I saturate a clean T shirt rag with the poly in an attempt to get a reasonably thick coat. Looks beautiful going on.

    I'm finding that the following day that the previous day's light sanding marks are visible. This after 4-5 coats. I thought I might be able to use some steel wool, then wax to make them go away but no dice.

    The can of poly is new, is shaken before usage and poured into a dispensing can during application. The boxes are dusted then wiped with a tack cloth.

    I'm tempted to purchase a can of non wipe poly and brush it on or thin some and try again. I thoughts out there would be appreciated.


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    That looks like sanding marks showing through the additional coats. If this is so, you will need to get down to where the sanding marks originally were, get them removed and then rebuild your coats.
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    " the previous day's light sanding marks are visible" ... so each coat shows the sanding marks from the previous day.

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    It sounds like you’re either sanding too hard and/or not waiting long enough before sanding. I find after the first coat I usually use 320, then progressively finer with subsequent coats. Usually my second to last coat only needs a very light sanding with some worn out 600.

    Either that our you're looking too closely .

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    I'm light sanding with 320. Waiting at least a day between coats to allow for a good cure......time to experiment...Thanks to those that replied.

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