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Thread: Jig/guide/gauge for making two exactly parallel lines?

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    Jig/guide/gauge for making two exactly parallel lines?

    I remember seeing (in one of my many, MANY woodworking books/magazines) a tool that used a scissor-type mechanism to make lines that were precisely parallel. Now I can't find it. Neither can Google. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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    I have seen mortise gauges which can do that, but there are no scissors involved.
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    There's something kind of like you are describing called equal space dividers. Rocker sells one version that happens to be on sale right now :

    Woodpeckers made one through their One Time Tool program, but I think it's now retired but you can look it up,

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    I think you have the winning answer Charles. On the other hand, if something on a larger scale is needed a coping jig for the table saw is basically the same thing. I think Mark over on the WW has a vid on making one

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