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Thread: Flexible shape-able stay put dust collection hose-Mike Farrington

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    Flexible shape-able stay put dust collection hose-Mike Farrington

    Hey guys, I was watching a Mike Farrington youtube video and noticed he is using some flexible hose coming down toward the top of his sliding table saw. I feel like I've seen this stuff somewhere, but have been searching the Googles and can't seem to find it. I have need for it in a similar application, and i need something that is flexible but will really hold its shape once moved.

    Chris Holder

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    This does that from Lee Valley. I use this on my drill press and router table. There may be other types and sizes elsewhere.,62604&ap=1


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    Look at the Rockler Flex-form hose. I haven't used it, but it supposedly stays where you put it, after a little fiddling.

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    I had the same question. He said it was loc-line 2 1/2"

    At Lee Valley:,42401,62597

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    Zoro carries a complete line including dust gates, flares, adapters etc.
    Bill D.

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