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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    19 Aug 2019

    A great victory this week....I finally got the bathroom remodel completed!!! The LOML and I are both happy with the end results. I was also able to get 2 cutting boards finished and delivered last week and I hope to get a couple more done this week. My #2 son made it back from his vacation to England. He stayed with some online friends of his in Cambridge or the area around Cambridge. He spent 6 weeks over there and really enjoyed the time he had there. Back to the day job tomorrow and I hope more success at the day job as well as in the wood shop this week.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Replaced a set of steps, and started power washing house. House is two stories, about 3000 sq ft, and ceder siding that is natural. Almost halfway thru now, back at it in the morning. Picked a generator off Craigs list for a song. Listed as hard to start. Generator is over 15 years old, but looks brand new. Muffler doesn't have any rust on it. Brought it home, removed bowl from carburetor and it had motor oil in it. Evidently at sometime it had been tilted on it's side (probably when owner added wheel kit,) and oil from breather filled fuel bowl. Cleaned it out, and on second pull fired right up. Working on a another generator, built from two that will have electric start and be mounted in generator shed, so in case of power failure, wife can hook it up and have power if I'm not available. Had a flywheel with ring gear to fit, but magnets for ignition were weak. So I picked up an old riding mower with same size fly wheel. Questioning as to whether to take flywheel off mower, or to buy another flywheel. I could use mower, minus mowing deck to move trailers around. Today got brackets for recpticals made and installed, along with contactor for starter, and pulse fuel pump. Missed a generator on CL that would have saved having to make brackets. By adding pulse fuel pump, I can draw fuel directly from fuel cans, instead of having to wait for engine to cool down before refueling. Figured out how I want to build my "generator shed."
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    'Glad your project is complete, Dennis!

    My "project" is also complete...I got my mother moved from her apartment to her new space in the assisted living suite across the driveway and dealt with all the "stuff" in the apartment that couldn't follow her to the smaller accommodations. That included 15 trash bags of trash, 50 lbs of paper with PII that had to be taken for shredding, a huge amount of furniture and things that had to be cataloged and donated (tax documentation) and pulling a 4x8 UHaul trailer 1000 miles north with about a dozen boxes of things for myself and my brother as well as a leather recliner for me. Oh, and it also included a "field trip" for my mother to both the Florida DMV and SSA...something that's difficult for her because of health reasons. I bribed her with a nice fish lunch. Thankfully, a very close friend and her daughter came for a few days to help with the apartment and I rewarded them with a day at Universal as well as a short trip to Silver Springs. After two weeks in Florida, I'm very happy to be home.

    And now...back to work! I have at least three jobs booked right now, so once my latté soaks in, I'm heading out to the shop to get started.

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    Worked 1/2 days (due to heat) cutting on a downed pecan tree. Almost finished. Know anyone that can use a 4’ diameter trunk?
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