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Thread: When can you walk on plants sprayed with Roundup

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    When can you walk on plants sprayed with Roundup

    I know about Non Hodg... Lymph... I just want to know when I can walk on the plants I will spray with Roundup so that I don't take residual spray to the rest of the yard. 30mins? 1 hr? Anybody with experience here? At some point I can walk on them to get to parts of the yard that the sprayed plants are either close to or are in the middle of what I need to take care of NOW. I don't want to wait 3 hours when 30mins. is enough, but if it takes 3 hours, so be it. Thanks. I am a DR. I know about the health issues. I use the stuff sparingly and carefully. But this is one topic doesn't give me a good answer. Thanks for any guidance, esp. from someone whose done it.
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    the spray has to have dried on the plant and you have to have DRY, Dry shoes.
    Any moisture and you chance picking up the dry residue and transferring it off of the bottom of your shoes
    So no way to set a hard time that works no matter what, all dependent on moisture available at that time
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    I think most of us spray the leaves ,and by doing that use more than what is needed. It's just the crown that needs a
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    That makes sense about the moisture and having to be DRY. I'll just have to check and be sure everything is dry including the shoes I wear. Thanks for the heads up about that. I once walked on a recently sprayed area and you could follow my foot prints the next week. Don't want to make that mistake again. Creekers rock.
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    My experience with Roundup is that I have to cover all the leaves on weeds to kill the weeds. I've had weeds where I missed some of the leaves and those leaves were still green days later. But RoundUp does kill weeds quickly (a few hours) when you coat all of the leaves.

    I only spot spray RoundUp so I never had the situation where I'd walk on it while the spray is still wet.

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    I think they say it is rainproof in about one hour or less. To me that means it will not wash off or rub off if touched.
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    Bill, rainproof after an hour might also mean that after 1 hour enough has been absorbed by the plant that it will be effective even if it is then washed off by rain.... I don't know which interpretation is correct.

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    I think Roundup should be used with caution but not scare. I have clothes I wear outside when using it. For me, I use a tank sprayer and typically use about 3-4 gallons when I spray. I am careful to change clothes and not track it in. I also use a coarser spray so not to breath it. But these are the same precautions I use for any yard spray or fertilizer.

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    When we use Round Up, we dilute the 41% to 1 oz per gallon, and add a squirt of dish washing detergent, which helps break down the oils on the leaves of plants. We buy generic from local farm supply store which offers two different formulations. One has surfactant added and other doesn't . Both come in five gallon jugs, which we split with neighbors. Only goes into containers labeled Round UP.

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    What Larry said-- wear shoes and clothes- at least shoes- for grunging around outside, and leave them outside-
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    I think he wanted to know how long before it is safe so as to not kill other areas that he walks on.

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    When you reach down to spray the weed put the roundup bottle in your left hand, and with your right pull the weed. Put the unused roundup back in the shed. Now you dont need to worry if your'e poisoning yourself and everything else in your environment. This is what I've decided to do on my property.

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    Your lawn can get ugly if you track Roundup on your shoes. I know. But you learn fast. Other issue is that my sprayer dribbles, so I now make sure it is done dribbling before moving to another area.

    BTW GMO crops have been genetically modified so that only the weeds are killed by the glyphosate and not the modified crop. Farmers may use hundreds of gallons per year to spray entire fields and have been doing it for decades. Where are the farmers with non-hodgkins? I am getting really tired of the attorney ads popping up everywhere. They were able to convince a few uneducated juries which then enabled them to start a whole new business model.
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    Not an answer to your question but something to think about re Roundup and anything else you put on your lawn or landscaping: Once it's inside your house, it doesn't break down. You need to be extremely careful what you bring inside the house on shoes and clothes, especially if you have carpets and small children.

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    My house would be a toxic wasteland to everyone here with the amount of disgusting I drag in on me.

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