I just purchased a Rockwell 14" 28-2C0 bandsaw. When I was researching the saw I thought it was a 28-200 that had been mounted on another base. I could find a lot of info on the 28-200 but almost nothing on the 28-2C0. What I do know about it is that it is a wood saw not a wood/metal saw. Th motor is 3/4 HP. It seems very similar to the 28-200. I purchased it from a guy who inherited it from his father who used it to cut wood down to size for turning pool q's. The base is very heavy and sturdy. The paint matches the saw perfect so I think its the original base. Though I am unsure, as I cant find any that look like it.

If there is anybody who owns one of these or knows anything about it I would appreciate the input. I paid 250 for the saw. I needed something bigger than a 9 inch for some resew capabilities. Hoping I did good on this one as the closest one to this I could find near me was a 14" powermatic for $225. $25 more for a made in usa rockwell seemed like a no brainer to me.