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Thread: Where to get hardware for two sided door pull handles?

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    Where to get hardware for two sided door pull handles?

    I'd like to make a set of these:

    but instead of metal, I'd like to make my own handles. I basically need the parts that go through the door to which I can glue/epoxy some wooden handles. If the parts going through the door can be wooden that'd be even better, but I can probably make metal work. Is there a way to make this out of wood, or should I buy it somewhere?

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    The parts that go through the door appear to be just 5/16" threaded rod. Depending on the door these handles would be attached to, you might be able to get away with 1/4" threaded rod. Get a foot or three of threaded rod from any hardware store. Cut two pieces out of it to the length you need. Drill two holes through your door where you want the handle to go. Stick the rods through with equal lengths sticking out on each side. Put washers and nuts on both sides and tighten them against each other with the door sandwiched in between. Then you can make your wooden handles to fit over the rods (and hide the nuts), and epoxy them on. Personally I would probably counter-bore the outsides of the handles to accept a nut on the rod (assuming I made my rods long enough) and then back-fill around the nut with a putty of epoxy thickened with wood dust, sanding it flush with the rest of the handle after the epoxy has cured.

    Hope this helps.

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    If the handles are wood, make the part that goes through the door from wood. It will just be a dowel, running through the door. It will be the round tenon which fits into a round mortise in the handle.

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    After posting, I had the same idea as Jamie. You could pin the dowel into the door, assuming it is close enough to the edge of the door, by drilling an intersecting hole in from the door edge and driving a smaller dowel into that....

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    Thanks for the ideas guys. I'd like this to be removable if at all possible, and was hoping there was something similar to Timothy's suggestion but that was retained in place with a set screw or something instead of epoxy. I will probably go with a threaded rod method, but maybe I can epoxy a metal tube in the protruding parts with a setscrew hole on the side. If I can drill a small pocket in the threaded rod, the setscrew won't be doing a ton of work when someone pulls on the door.

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    There are a lot of tray handles that you could either add your wood handle over or in place of the handle.
    Some come with steel frames with simply a pine handle that you could make yourself and replace, even if you had to cut it in half length wise and glue it back together.
    Ideally, a metal handle that screws together the 2 ends so you can add your wood handle, perhaps even turn it with the rod firmly affixed to the wood.
    Then screw the 2 end rods back into the handle assembly.

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