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Thread: Quality workmanship

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Seemann View Post
    It is hard to blame the contractor and the subs for not having more quality when the consumer picks the lowest bidder.

    It's like with appliances; people want German engineering with Japanese quality built by American workers, but they want to pay East Asian prices. Something has to give in that equation.
    That's almost always a given for a lack luster job.

    Some of the worst jobs I have ever seen, were the high dollar kitchen and bath Remodeling companies with big store fronts, big show rooms to pick everything, etc.

    At the same time, I got so tired of trying to educate a customer about that.

    I don't miss Remodeling at all.

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    Certainly understand your point regarding the lowest bidder. For what it’s worth, I accepted the bid as negotiation, and it wasn’t the lowest.

    I’ll respectfully disagree and say in many cases it’s not the consumer...if that’s what a contractor bids, then he/she should suck it up and do the job right, or tell the customer it isn’t going to be perfect for that price. Even though I didn’t, I don’t think accepting the low bid should equate to low quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy Warner View Post
    It's not a matter of pride, it's a matter of most are not willing or able to actually pay what something really costs or the contractor has no clue what it actually costs and starts running short and does whatever to get a project behind them.

    I blame the consumer for this more than the carpenter.
    I have a friend who is a award winning builder in the area who tells me that he can't build houses the way he wants to because customers only care about one thing - the price.

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    Both sides of the argument have merit.

    Largely I have found that that your average Tom, Dick or Harry doesn’t want to pay what it takes to get the job they “think of hope” to get. Yes I blame them as most get a couple prices and most don’t go for the highest bidder. Not that the highest bidder actually equals quality but you get my point.

    My point is if you did give 99.9% of clients the “perfect quote” they would just not do the job or again go with another bid and hope they can live with the outcome.

    Now as a worker bee and one whom has also had my own small business it’s my opinion you always do your best and it’s on you if you take the job to make it perfect, and that it’s your fault if your not getting paid accordingly. Otherwise pipe up Nd tell the client exactly what they should and should not expect.

    One last thing. I have never ever ever in 25 years had a boss that didn’t t subscribe at some point to “good enough, let’s get outa here”...

    Sad state of affairs being both creat the issues.

    Largely I feel people are very very cheap!

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    There are businessmen in crafts and craftsmen in business. Guess who has the better chance of surviving?

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    In the last 40 years builders in California have only built slab floor houses. Even here they are cold in winter but people do not know there is a better choice that costs more and the builders do not tell them a crawl space is better.
    Bil lD

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