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Thread: Got a new fence, custom sliding table, and a mini edge sander on Delta Shaper

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    Got a new fence, custom sliding table, and a mini edge sander on Delta Shaper

    I’ve been tinkering around with a Delta 1 1/4 shaper and trying make it so I can do a few steps in one. I use this shaper only for the outside profile shaping on doors and drawer fronts.

    So far I’ve replaced the original fence with two Incra LS 17”, one on each side of the cutter head. Next I replaced the fence faces (original fence faces were only about 17” long) with some aluminum extrusions that came with the Incra LS. I cut it to 24” long and this allowed me to fasten the fence ends to shaper table edge(when changing to a different cutter diameter I can quickly unclamp the LS and put it to the needed position then fasten the fence ends so the fence is square with the table. On the fence face is a set of Jessem Clear Cut Stock Guides.

    Using some of the remaining extrusion, I attached them to the edge of the shaper top. Connected to these extrusions, I got two 48” miter gauge tracks along with two MLCS miter gauges that have spring loaded bearings. Finally I got a sheet of 5/8” melamine( 21”x52”, just a piece laying around) and fastened that to the miter gauges and then added a removable fence that is 90 degrees off the main shaper fence. It works fairly smoothly for a “sliding table”.

    Next the edge sander which is the Grizzly Handheld Oscillating Spindle Sander. This is fastened upside down to one end of the left hand LS 17”. On the end of the left fence face next to the cutter head now is stack of 1-1/2” wide ball bearings. A 48”x1-1/2” 150 grit belt is connected to the bearings and the spindle sander. This is the most recent thing I’ve done, and I’ve been doing some testing.

    For shaping I’m taking off a shy 1/16” and then after a door/drawer is shaped, I lightly sand it on the edge sander. Now that I have the mini edge sander setup, the part is fed on the right fence, shaped, then lightly touches the sanding belt going around the ball bearings, then along the outfeed fence.

    This nearly works haha. As I’m feeding the part along, I can see that the belt is being “bogged down” and nearly stopping or completely stopping. I believe I’m only taking off .001-.002 sanding wise at the very most, as after I adjust the outfeed fence to the correct setting, I move the dial on Incra LS .001 forward.

    Perhaps the grit I am using is too light, or maybe the spindle sander doesn’t have enough horsepower (1/2 HP).

    What do you guys think?

    Some pictures setup
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