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Thread: New tube less power

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    New tube less power

    Hello. I am having a problem with my laser which I hope you can help or advise on.
    We just replaced our 150 RECI watt tube because we thought it was discharged. That was not the case.
    The new tube will not fire at anything above 40%. Even then, as the power level goes UP the power of
    The beam appears to go down. I checked a lot of things and all things point to the power supply (but I won't count out the chiller).
    The RECI 12 power supply is not showing any fault codes on the panel. When the laser is not firing it shows
    An output of 0 volts as expected. At 10% laser power the RECI 12 shows an output of over 23 Kv. As I increase
    The power level, the voltage output drops at a fairly linear rate, such that by the time Im telling it to output
    Over 60% power, the voltage output is around 9 Kv. This seems counter to what I would expect as I assume
    More voltage is necessary for more laser power.
    The power supply is pretty simple needing only the TTL and PCM and ground. Assuming the PCM is good, and
    I have no reason to assume it is not, the problem must be the power supply. Do you agree with this
    Assessment? Otherwise, what else can I check? Can you guess why the power is dropping as the power level
    Request goes up?

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated. We are open to replacing the power supply if needed.
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    You should be reading mA not voltage. Voltage should be unchanged and how are you measuring the Kv? If the old tube was not the issue and the new tube does not work correctly, either you have a bad connection someplace or the PS is bad.
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