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Thread: Question about carbide resaw blade

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    Question about carbide resaw blade

    Hey guys looking for feedback if anyone is using the Starrett blades.

    Here is what I'm looking at.

    I was looking at the Laguna blades, but apparently they don't carry my size 142".

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    Every thing I've bought at Woodcraft has been good. Starrett is good.

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    Personally, I’d go with a Lennox Woodmasrer CT or Trimaster. You can get your length by using or


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    Robert before you order that Starrett blade see if you can find the thickness of the band.
    I sorta remember coming across that blade once and it had a very thick band.
    Thicker then most saws can pull tight.
    I also second the Woodmaster Ct. Just make sure your bandsaw is stout enough to pull the blade tight.
    My second choice for finewood working is the Resaw King. Laguna will weld up any size you need they did for my saw @178 inches.
    Good Luck

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    In looking at the Laguna Tools website, it shows a 142" long resew king blade, 1" x 2-3 variable tpi.

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    I have had the same carbide blade on my 20" Agazzani for many years without resharpening. Believe it is a Lennox, bought from Eagle Tools.
    "Anything seems possible when you don't know what you're doing."

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    That Starrett blade isnít one of the ones thatís usually talked about when it comes to carbide BS blades. Iíd suggest trying Spectrum Supply.

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