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Thread: Please recommend flush trim router bit

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    Please recommend flush trim router bit

    I have minimal router experience, one successful set of laminate counter-tops and a bit of ocassional solid wood edge routing.

    Have PC 310 little router, and full size older PC router w optional 1/2" collet.

    Need to flush trim, actually ideally a slight bevel 1/4" plywood slightly rough overhanging
    1 1/2" x 1 1/2" pine.

    Basically making a few torsion box tabletops the shape and size of old fashion "Toepincher" casket with 1/4" american ply skins both sides, 2" total thickness...trimming one side at a time.

    No inside radiuses. all straight edges, toepincher casket lid shape.

    In my case the bearing will ride against the core lumber acting as the template... at the bottom or end of bit.

    So, I have searched and read archived posts and decided I want to find a bit w a short cutting flute length and ?larger? diameter like 3/4" ? cutter.

    Straight flute ?

    Up or down spiral ?

    ? "Compression" ???

    I think I would rather use my 310 w very light cuts so I can "feel" what I'm doing, rather than the heavy two handed full size router.

    I am concerned about tearout when going the normal correct direction on uphill grain, so plan on careful climb cutting where necessary.

    OK to use the little handheld ???

    So I guess I'm asking if this bit is OK w a 1/4" shank and the little router... and any recommendation for specific bit.

    Due to shape of workpiece some of my cutting will be at angle of grain.

    I have a grand total of like 70 lin ft to trim total and may not need this bit ever again.

    Lastly, rather than straight I would prefer like a ballpark ?20 ? degree like is commonly used as the final edger on lam countertops.

    *** Will I be OK w one marketed for that purpose ?

    Point me to a specific bit maybe... $25 ? range.

    Thank you all, Marc
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