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Thread: Remounting Rough Turned Bowl So I Can Turn Outside Without Tailstock

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    I use my Cole jaws. If the rim of the bowl is too warped to sit flat then I use my electric plane or homemade disc sander to remove the high spots so it'll sit flat. I often will only use four of the blocks (vs all 8) to hold the bowl if it's too oblong. Since I'm just trying to make the tenon or mortise round it works without problems for me. In the future, now that I've remade my disc sander I'll use that to flatten the rim every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reed Gray View Post
    As for pens, I tried a new one from Sharpie since my local store stopped carrying the Faber pens. No identification on the pen, just the packaging, which is long gone. They said it was quick drying and wouldn't bleed through paper. It does not run or fade like the regular Sharpie pens.

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    I agree...been using the new sharpies with good success. I just ordered the Faber pens to do a comparison
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Heely View Post
    The Raffan method sounds like just what I'm looking for. I'll give that a shot.
    While you’ve got it by the recess, true up the face/rim at the same time. I usually turn down both the inside and outside of the rim - about 1/4” down is plenty to see how much wall thickness is left to work with when its round...

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    Thanks John! I'll give those a try..................Mike

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