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Thread: Got my steps in today

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    Got my steps in today

    The task for today was to raise the outside hose bib a couple of feet. This involved moving it a few feet to the east so it would go into a closet wall, so the freeze proof faucet didn't come thru the wall.


    Hole in the closet wall, reroute pipes in the basement, new hole thru the siding, patch the old hole, patch the closet wall etc, etc. Every step required three tries and ten tools.

    The shop is in the basement and some stuff is in the garage. Must have climbed the stairs 60 times. Phew!


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    Every time I have to do work in the boiler room at the family biz, I am amazed at how many times I end up going up and down those stairs. It seems like I always have to grab one more fitting, or bolt, or wrench or something, to the tune of dozens of trips up and down.

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    Both my wife and I wear Apple watches. One day last winter, I logged almost 11 MILES doing yardwork in my own yard. And our yard isn't huge. Had to look twice to make sure.

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    I wish I had a fitbit back when I was installing Revco Drug stores the day the trucks would arrive I bet I walked 20 miles. Had to hand unload them.

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