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Thread: Antique store block plane. Bargain or a bust?

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    Antique store block plane. Bargain or a bust?

    So I was walking around the local antique store today and came across this little plane. It was only $4 and was 30% off so I paid a whopping $2.80 for it. I know it is old, and there are a few pieces of the cheeks missing, but I figured for the price why not. I can't find a model number on it and I don't know much about block planes. I am guessing this was made in the real early 1900's but Patrick's blood and Gore doesn't mention much about these. Anyone know anything about it? Thanks!
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    Excelsior Model by Stanley, wrong lever cap...
    Or, simply broken at the lateral pivot point...
    Mine is a type 2 Stanley No. 9-1/2
    Mine was missing the lateral lever, when I picked it...
    IMG_3984 (640x480).jpg
    OEM iron on mine was just about used up....installed a newer iron.

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    Looks like the kind of thing to clean up, sharpen the blade, and use for beater work. I've got a couple steel block planes and some maroon vintage ones that I use for that purpose: lurking nails, gadawful lumber, dirt, sand, etc. And for $2.80, you won't feel bad when you ding it up in the process, especially since it is already pretty beat up.

    It's probably a 9 1/4 based on what appears to be a non-adjustable mouth, or one of the 9 1/4's relatves.
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