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Thread: Workshop hounds

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    Workshop hounds

    Post a pic of your workshop hound....or feline. Most have one. Mine won't go in the shop, he doesn't like noise of any kind, plus he's a big chicken. But he does wait for me by the front door of the house! He is a English bulldog and his name is Winston wigglesworth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dueane Hicks View Post
    He is a English bulldog and his name is Winston Wiggleworth
    Man, your dog is well named. He looks like Churchill!
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    OK, I'll Play. This is Golda:


    We got her as a used dog, but vet thinks she is husky/golden mix... You can see the remains of her last stuffed animal "victim" in the background, and may be able to see her "cheeto" paws. She loves to run the bases at the baseball field of a local park, and this was taken after they had just put down a new layer of the orange/red clay on the field. It turned her paws bright orange for a few days, and my wife dubbed them cheeto paws.

    She likes to hang out in the basement during the summer, but usually heads upstairs when I go to the shop, since she knows it usually means unpleasant noise. But lately when I am working down there she will sometimes come down and knock on the door to be let in. She'll sniff around and then curl up in the corner and nap, unless I get the router going; that will still send her upstairs.

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    Almost 9 month old Great Dane.
    She is a foam, cardboard, paper, wood, shredding machine.

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    My Wonder dog.

    Dog Bed Frame (28).jpg

    Her eating pose.

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    He's a European working line shepherd, but I don't actually let him in the shop. Too much of a chance for him to get hurt, knock over something or distract me in some way.

    I joke that I like to have both my dog and my power tools german engineered.

    Grep Toy.jpg

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    I keep treats in the shop. They are well behaved when food is on the line.

    Shop Dogs.JPG

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    I was ending the day in the shop, folded up a drop cloth and tossed it on to a chair,

    and Keiko hopped right up, thought I made made a nest for her [)
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    Shop Cat

    Picasso’s cat...and my shop cat
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    This is Maze. She is a 10 month old golden retriever I got a couple of months ago. She's only in the shop when I am doing stuff that doesnt require any of the power tools running and only when it's cleaned up really well because she eats pretty much anything that's on the floor.


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    Making a mess of a sawdust pile.

    She is there every day no matter what I am doing. She will ride on a skid on the forklift, climb up on the lift with me, equipment running doesn't bother her. She is just like my kids, welcome whenever no matter what is going on.

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    Maze is a cutie! Gotta love Goldens. Golda won't bother most stuff on the floor, but she loves to chew on cardboard. I would say most every box within reach in the shop has nibble marks on the corners.

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    Zoe at the shop - Copy.jpg
    This is Zoe using the dust collector hose as a pillow. The only shop noise that bothers her is a nail gun. She likes the big piles of shavings under the lathe when I turn. If those aren't available, she just finds the biggest collection of sawdust and plops down.

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    I love English Bulldogs. I have two frenchies, and the younger one loves being in the woodshop. My space is in the basement of the house, so he runs down the stairs anytime my wife or i open the door to go downstairs. I dont want to expose him to the noise, so hes never down there when im running tools. He always ends up with some form of a scrap that he gnaws on. The older one has always been afraid of long sets of stairs, and will stand at the landing just staring at me.

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    Here is Ricochet (Shea) wearing her "Mutt Muffs" in the woodshop.

    Shea muffs.jpg

    And here she is laying in some wood shavings.

    Shea in sawdustC.jpg
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